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In what ways do you keep conversations light, playful yet profound?

How do you ask the right question, with the right words, at the right time?

And what do gypsy musicians and philosophers have in common?

Having a philosophical conversation is like making music: it requires mastery to do it correctly and with gusto. Moreover, philosophising together teaches you to think more sharply, to pay attention to the interests of others and to tell your own story with more conviction. It takes you into a free world full of new thoughts and feelings.

The philosophical conversation (2024) teaches you the basics of philosophical skills and shows you how to get started with them. A philosophical score, which teaches you proper posture, technique and performance, sets the rhythm. A variety of exercises helps you to think more precisely and show how to communicate that to others. In this book, you will discover the pleasure of making music with words.

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  • Number of pages:  152
  • Publication date:  February 1, 2024
  • Nur-code:  Philosophy in general
  • Publisher:  Changemakers Books
  • ISBN-13  978-1803412719
  • Print: 1

Listen to a Romani orchestra that accompanies the first chapter here: